Press Release: NEC Starts Voter Registration Process for the Councils Election Today

04 March 2019 is the starting day of the voter registration process for the Councils Election in 3rd Mandate 2019 while 1,646 voter registration stations across the country are being simultaneously opened on the same day, according to the calendar of the Councils Election in 3rd Mandate 2019.

The voter registration begins from 4 to 19 March 2019 (with 13-day period, excluding Sunday and official holidays).

Voters for the Councils Election are Commune/Sangkat councilors in position, totaling 11,572 nationwide. The voter registration for the Councils Election shall be conducted by recording names of eligible voters into voter lists and delivering voter lists in hierarchical level to NEC in accordance with a determined schedule. Commune/Sangkat Councils shall prepare name lists of Commune/Sangkat councilors in position; afterwards, the name lists shall be signed by chief of Commune/Sangkat with a stamp of Commune/Sangkat administration along with a certification of approval from the governor of the municipal/district/khan governor board, and governor of the concerned capital/provincial governor board. Then, the name lists are sent to NEC following determined schedule from 4 to 27 March 2019.

One voter registration station is set for each Commune/Sangkat Council. The voter registration station for Commune/Sangkat councilors in position shall be located at Commune/Sangkat office, or at any suitable location in the Commune/Sangkat.
Those who are registered in voter list of any municipal/district/khan polling station shall meet the following requirements:

  • Being a Commune/Sangkat councilor in position of the concerned municipal/district/khan polling station.
  • Unnecessarily present themselves or present themselves before the Chief of Commune/Sangkat Councils at the voter registration station to receive sufficient information about the polling station and required documents for the election.
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