Press Release: NEC Shall Implement 3 Main Tasks Simultaneously in 2019

“According to election laws and necessity, the National Election Committee (NEC) shall implement three main tasks simultaneously in 2019,” stated H.E. Mr. Tep Nytha, NEC General Secretary during the closing session of the training on Estimated Population Record and Voter Registration 2019 and Voter Registration, Registration Of Political Parties and Candidate Lists Standing for the Election on Capital, Provincial, Municipal, District and Khan Councils in 3rd Mandate on 19 February 2019.
His Excellency said that the three main tasks include as follows:

  • Voter lists revision and voter registration 2019
  • The Election of Capital, Provincial, Municipal, District and Khan Councils in 3rd Mandate
  • Examination for recruiting members of Provincial/Capital Election Secretariats

NEC has prepared both legal framework and plan for implementing the above 3 tasks simultaneously since late 2018. These tasks have begun from February and completed following the calendar subsequently.
During the closing session of the training, His Excellency also advised participants as the followings:

  • The Councils Election is a non-universal election and voters are members of Commune/Sangkat Councils in their current position so that it is not difficult to conduct voter registration (name list recording); however, great attention shall be paid to verify voter’s data accurately between voter lists and official identity certificate serving for polling, and it is important in case of changing commune/sangkat councilors because time is limited.
  • Develop plans and calendar accurately, timely and effectively for cascading the training within capital/province.    
  • Clearly defined duties of PEC, PECS, and PES
  • Strengthen collaboration​​ with stakeholders following the roles particularly with competent authorities on supporting service and security tasks.

It is worth informing that the total number of participants is 132 and 17 of them are women including:

  • 98 electoral officials from 25 capital/provinces, 10 of them are women.
  • 15 representatives of 12 political parties such as Cambodian People’s Party, Khmer National United Party, Cambodian Nationality Party, Beehive Social Democratic Party, Grassroots Democratic Party, League For Democracy Party, Cambodian Youth Party, Dharmacracy Party, Khmer Will Party, Our Motherland Party, Khmer Untied Party, and Nokor Democratic Party.
  • 3 representatives of the Ministry of Interior
  • 16 representatives of 16 NGOs and associations, 7 of them are women, from Women Association for Human Rights​, Agro-Industry Development,  Democracy Service Organization, Modern and Traditional Mental Health Organization (MTMHO), Arunreas Association, Victory Intellectual Standard Association-Cambodia (VISA-Cambodia), Union Youth Federations of Cambodia (U.Y.F.C), Khmer Women Alliance Organization Protecting Human Rights for Development, NICFEC, COPA association,​ Cambodian Pharmaceutical Sale Association, Tourism Community Association, Economic Youth Association of Phnom Penh, Cambodian Muslim Youth Alliance​, Family Community for Agricultural Development, Women Association for Peace and Development and Cambodian Higher Education Association (CHEA).


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