Press Release: NEC is Planning to Register 372,628 New Voters in 2019

According to the estimated record of number of citizen, 10,178,809 

According to the estimated record of number of citizen, 10,178,809 people are at least 18 years old and NEC is planning to register 372,628 new voters while the names of 88,626 people will be removed from voter lists. The persons whose name appears on voter lists 2018 are accounted for 8,544,885 and there are 23,364 Polling Stations in 2019 ( This is the remarks of H.E. Mr. Nuth Sokhom, NEC Vice-chairman, presided over the Stakeholders Meeting on Dissemination of Calendar of Voter Lists Revision and Voter Registration 2019 and Estimated Record of Number of Citizen and Polling Stations at NEC Conference Hall on the morning of 29 March 2019

Participants attending this meeting included representatives of the Constitutional Council, the Senate, the National Assembly, the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Information, Embassy of Japan, 6 NGOs, 14 political parties, 8 press entities and the officers based in NEC headquarters, totaling 60 persons.

His Excellency Vice-chairman added that the voter lists revision and voter registration 2019 shall be the same as the previous one, aiming to make the voter lists comprehensive, accurate and updated safely through:

1. Voter Registration for: 
Cambodian citizens who are eligible to vote and have not registered to vote previously
Cambodian citizens who have just reached 18 years of age (born before or by 1st August 2001)
Cambodian citizens who have relocated their home or residence to the new commune/Sangkatshall go to register at the commune/Sangkat where the concerned persons have to vote. 
2. Adjustment of the name or data of voters upon the request of the concerned persons based on proper confirmation document 
3. Record and remove the name of the voter who:
is deceased;
is temporarily deprived of his/her voting right;
has relocated his/her house or residence in another commune/Sangkat;
has proper and clear confirmation documents for the removal of the names from voter lists.

Taking this opportunity, His Excellency also called for political parties, local and international NGOs to appoint their party agents or observers to monitor and examine this process at Voter Registration Stations to ensure the smoothness and success for this work and he also called for authorities at all levels to collaborate and maintain, protect security and ensure safety of citizens.    

It is worth informing that the voter lists revision and voter registration 2019 will be conducted at Commune/Sangkat Offices and at some villages in Commune/Sangkat for 22 days as scheduled as the followings:  

6 days from 01 to 6 May 2019, voter registration at Commune/Sangkat Offices;
11 days from 07 to 17 May 2019, mobile voter registration at some villages inCommune/Sangkat;
5 days from 18 to 22 May 2019return to conduct the voter registration at Commune/Sangkat Offices.


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